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How does it work?

It's pretty simple.

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Step One

Write a letter. It can be as short or as long as you want. It can be to someone else or yourself. You can even include a photo.

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Step Two

Choose the date you want the letter to be delivered to the recipient. This could be tomorrow or in a few years—your choice!

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Step Three

That's it! Everything else is automated. So, sit back, relax, and read letters by other people. Or, you can support the site.

Information and terms

Is it really free?

Yes. Future Postbox is completely free—it's a side hobby of The Postman who runs the site. That said, the site does cost money to run and The Postman has some lofty dreams of where it could all go:
· Imagine being able to send messages based on geography, temperature, or factors other than just time!
· Imagine sending different types of media: Videos, documents, voice messages, and more!
· Imagine having your own app and account where you can keep track of all the letters you've sent and received!

Perhaps one day, but that all costs money and The Postman is a volunteer. If you'd like to support the site visit Future Postbox's support page.

What do you write?

Whatever you like! People use Future Postbox for lots of different reasons. Some use it as a time capsule of thoughts and feelings, some use it as a way to set or track goals, some use it to say the things that are too hard to say face-to-face, and others use it as a daily journal. If you're after more inspiration, you can read letters others have written. NB: There are some limitations on explicit content (see below).

Are there any limits on content?

Future Postbox is a place of love and good vibes.
· The Postman will not tolerate any form of cyber bullying, trolling, or illegal activity.
· Future Postbox cannot host any form of pornographic imagery.
· Letters may be screened and The Postman reserves the right not to send, delete, or forward your letter to any relevant authorities.
· Anyone under the age of 18 should seek permission to use Future Postbox from their parent or guardian.
· Please refer to the Data and Privacy Policy for more information.

Is it automated?

Yes! As of October 2023, Future Postbox is now completely automated. In the past, The Postman manually sent every letter. This was not only tedious but resulted in some occasional issues with consistency of delivery (The Postman apologises to anyone affected). So, the service should now be a lot more reliable! Oh, you may wish to add the email address thepostman@futurepostbox.com to your safe senders to avoid messages going to spam.

What's the difference in privacy options?

· If you select "This letter can be public", your letter can be read by others via the read page. If you've made your letter public, but later change your mind, send an email to The Postman with your details and it will be removed from the public page.
· If you select "Keep this letter private", then it will only be sent to the intended recipient.

What does The Postman do with your data?

The Postman is extremely cautious with your data. Primarily, it's used to:
· Get the letter to where it needs to go.
· Provide you (extremely infrequent) updates about Future Postbox.
For more information, please read Future Postbox's full Privacy Policy.

Letters others have written

A glimpse at what other people have written.

January 22, 2012





Date to be sent:

January 22, 2013

Dear me, I am going to think clearer in my head. More responsible. I will have alleviated Most of my depression thanks to no more Alcohol. Happier within. Refreshed! Over all a better person and an even better Mother to my children. And all because I could not have done it without the power Of our creator. God thank you.

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November 13, 2011


Steve Harris


Steve Harris

Date to be sent:

November 13, 2012

You're a fucking mint as legend.

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