Date written:

February 16, 2020


Past Pete


Past Pete


Hey Future Pete, As I write this, it’s a day before your 41st birthday. This time a year ago (two years for you) I was in relationship limbo, living in a one bedroom apartment in Toowong and unemployed with lots of confidence I’d land a 6 figure job. In those 12 months, I did not land any of the jobs I expected. Con moved into the apartment and after awkwardly sharing a tiny space, we then we moved into our house in Paddington, only to have to move on 6 months later. While I didn’t land any big ticket paid roles. I did volunteer with Sortal, met some awesome people at CrowdRound, mentored some prisoners and just in the last few weeks started getting paid for some of the Sortal stuff, been offered to be a co-founder of MySortal and am doing paid work for iMaven as they prepare to launch. In terms of relationships, I went from an unhealthy co-dependent limbo with Em (who I haven’t communicated with in over 6 months... at the time of writing this email), to a loving and beautiful relationship with B. While my poor drunken behavior and promiscuity triggered a lot of challenges, we’ve navigated our way through them and I’m happier for it. If you had of asked me 12 months ago where I’d be now (or in your case, then), I never would have expected any of those things to have happened. Now as I get ready to move into a new place at Red Hill, I have no idea what the future will bring. I hope that you have sorted out your financial situation. While it was exciting to live small for such a long time, you’re worth so much more than that! I hope you’re doing work that is fulfilling. I hope you finally have some savings and have had (or planning) a holiday. Did you get to Tassie? I hope that you settle in to your new place and get to deck it out with you’re awesome retro funky fun happy decor ideas. Lots of plants. Colourful rugs, danish looking furniture, comic book artworks. You deserve a place that reflects who you are and brings you joy! At the start of 2020, you decided to meditate, read and move regularly. I hope by now, you’ve smashed through a dozen books, have a meditation track record of a year and are healthy and in good a shape. Another thing you’ve talked a lot about but haven’t done much of is cook. I hope you’re making yourself tasty healthy food, taking care of your mental health, have big goals and dreams for the year ahead and are loving life. While I can’t even imagine what you’re going to do for your 42nd birthday, make sure you spend it with friends. And lastly, review what’s happened the last 12 months and write to your future self as this has been fun! Past Pete P.s. hope you are still as funny as you were. Don’t forget you kept saying you’d like to do comedy again :)


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February 16, 2021

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